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SEGA Favorite Zone In Sonic The Hedgehog?


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Well I'm sure that anyone who was into playing sonic the hedgehog to any extent knows that there were a lot of zones to play in this game, which one do you think is the best?

The game features six levels divided in three acts: Green Hill Zone, a tropical environment which includes loop de loops, chequered hillsides, springs and spikes. It can be considered to be one of the most symbolic levels in the entire series, and has had its elements and features reused throughout later releases. Marble Zone, an ancient ruin filled with spikes, magma, fireball launchers and crushing weights; Spring Yard Zone, a mountain city filled with Pinball-like bumpers and slopes; Labyrinth Zone, an aquatic maze; Star Light Zone, a roller coaster like urban level with fans and see-saws to help propelling; Scrap Brain Zone, an industrial complex which serves as Dr. Robotnik's base; and Final Zone, consisting of only one act, featuring the battle with Dr. Robotnik.
so alltogether we have

Green Hill Zone
Marble Zone
Spring Yard Zone
Labyrinth Zone
Star Light Zone
Scrap Brain Zone
Final Zone

My favorite is definitely without question Scrap Brain Zone, it is a really hard level the first time that you play it, then it is followed by the best boss of all time, Dr. Robotnik in Final Stage.

Still one of my favorite side scrollers ever!