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There's a lot of westerns in the movie industry, some are good and some are really bad. I was wondering what were your favorites?

Here's some that I really enjoyed watching.

-Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
-The good, The bad, & the Ugly
-Once upon a time in the West
-The magnificent Seven.
-American Outlaws

Those are just a few that I really enjoyed.


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Anything with John Wayne, Gabby Hayes, Clint Eastwood, or Jimmy Stewart.

Modern ones include Open Range, Brokeback Mountain, and Young Guns.

I'm probably forgetting a few.


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"Unforgiven", one of my favorite modern westerns by Eastwood.

One of my favorite spaghetti westerns is of course "The Good The Bad and The Ugly". Its long and the dubbing as a little off, but its a great gunslinger VS gunslinger film.

A slightly lighter western I like is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


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Once Upon A Time In The West
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
The Great Silence
The Professionals
The Wild Bunch
The Magnificent Seven
My Name Is Nobody
The War Wagon
The Shootist
True Grit


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I saw this really good movie called maverick, it was definitely worth seeing, great western.


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I really liked John Wayne in The Alamo. I would consider it a western (mostly because it has John Wayne, although there aren't any standard 6 shooters.

I saw Maverick, it was pretty good.

Seems like most of you thin Unforgiven is pretty good. I'll probably have to check it out.


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I still want to see "A Fist Full of Dollars" and "For A Few Dollars More" and I've only seen the first five minutes of "The Wild Bunch"

For some reason I found "Young Guns" so intriguing. Mainly just Emilo Estevez's character and the way he acted in the insanity and hysteria of gunfire. I need to watch it again.