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"Favorite" war


Hell, It's about time!
Throughout history, which single war interests you the most and why?

For me WW2 is the most interesting. Especially the European theater. Just something about the era interests me. The weapons used also interest me. I am a big gun nut and I'm always trying to get my hands on WW2 weaponry. 1911's, Thompson's, M1 Garands etc...

In addition to that the battles are interesting, and I enjoy movies from that era. Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Pearl Harbor, Tuskegee Airman, etc... I think that was the last major war where there were real battles and large campaigns where nations fought nations.


Embrace the Suck
The revolutionary war and WWII. I agree with you and love the European theater. I also love reading about battles involving Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Thermopolea, etc..


Son of Liberty
Easily WWII for me also. and again... European Theatre.

For me it was more about the Aviation than the ground battles. However later on in life I've been more interested in reading up in more detail about those also. My favorite Ground Fight is most definitely Bastogne (Siege of Bastogne, Belgium).

WWII pushed alot of boundaries when it came to weaponry development and just science in general. That has always been a very intriguing hitch for me. And as I mentioned, I've always closely followed and fanaticked over the Aviation. Read countless novels, memoirs, and biographies when it came to that portion of the war. And the best part is I'm always finding more to learn about.


Endangered Species
WW1; the sheer ferocity of it and long term effect it had on the world is just paramount. Outside of conflict its influence on the way we as a species think and operate is just insane. Ive read a lot of books on the war and also had a chance to visit some of the more memorable theatres it really is quite frightening and hard to get your head around.

WW2; The epilogue to WW1 I guess. The war was another transition period for mankind. We went from battles like Stalingrad where millions fought through hell, to the bomb on Hiroshima where instead we unleashed hell.


Well-Known Member
I think that everyone is going to say WWII, clearly it was covered more in schools than any other war (at least nowadays it is probably over twice as much as all other wars combined) so we all know more about it than other wars.

I want to say WWII as well, it's very interesting to study what certain actions caused and why they affected things the way they did, the Pacific front is also interesting and much less covered.

In second place we definitely have the Civil war and then in third we have The Revolutionary war.
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Hey. I made a thread about the same thing once. Meh. The more "favorite war" threads, the better. Anyways, my favorite war is WWI, without question. There were trenches filled with rats and disease where soldiers hunkered down, ankle deep in mud, listening to the sounds of machine gun fire, mortar shells, and the screams of fallen comrades. Now that's a proper war.
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For a Free Scotland
The Winter War (Finland v. The Soviet Union)- Fascinating study of tactics and strategy- a small, well-equipped, mobile Finnish defense force versus the monstrous Soviet war machine. How the Finns managed to hold off a couple million attackers is an interesting, elegant answer.

The Mongol Wars- The Mongols simply destroyed several thousand years of strategy, fighting with the first modern, mobile war strategy. They simply outflanked their opponents through mobility and precision strikes. And using that, they took over two continents and destroyed several age-old empires.


Registered Member
I have a tendency to lean towards wars that are completely unnecessary and have absolutely no bases except power heads trying to flex their arms and prove their own superiority.

That's why WWI will always be more interesting for me then WWII because it was just world leaders aching to show off where their money, which they could have been using to further scientific exploration or to help the education system, had taken them.