Favorite Villain


King Vegeta

For me it's a tie between Cell & Majin Buu.


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He looked nasty. First he was a cocoon thing. Then he was a giant bug. Then he was like a frog. And then he looked almost human but with weird lips and chin. It was his final form that made me like Cell.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I thought you were talking about as in he was ill, I think King Vegeta thought that too.


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I'm thinking Cell, and Boo, but there are so many more. I guess I like all of them. When I say all of they I mean ones that actually got long play. The movie ones didn't get much of an response from me. They didn't get enough air time to torture any one.


it would have to be cell for me.. In my opinion the cell series is what made DBZ ,
the buu series was longer and all but it wasnt the same as the cell series, gohan was smaller and they had way better characters.. and cell played the perfect villain, unlike buu he wasnt unstoppable and didnt have that blob shit that buu does.. cell can regenerate though but If you blow him up.. he cant , and I like villains that are beatable and arnt super strong and shit, he was the perfect blend and when he got killed by gohan and goku it was a perfect finish. and you knew he was finished unlike buu. after buu died I always was wondering would he regenerate or some BS.. when cell died I knew it was an end to a great series.