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Favorite version of The Star Spangled Banner?


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The National Anthems thread got me thinking that there are quite a few different versions of the American national anthem, that being the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key.

What versions do you like? Are there any versions that you really don't care for?

Here's one that I heard for the first time just a few years ago that I really like. Not really practical and it's incredibly difficult musically, but it's really great.

Take 6 - Star-Spangled Banner - YouTube

I've really got a thing for an acapella Star Spangled Banner. We did several renditions of it in our high school choir that sounded awesome.

Here's another that I really like. (this one probably works better for actual events) I also really appreciate that there isn't any fluff or anything, it's just pure vocal perfection, no need to cover up any mistakes because there aren't any.

Josh Groban National Anthem All Star NBA Game 2011 HD - YouTube

One version that I really don't like at all would be Christina Aguilera's. I've had to watch her butcher it twice (once on the superbowl, once on the NBA finals). Never again. It just terrible, disgusting, wrong.

Christina Aguilera - National Anthem - Superbowl 2011 HD - aguilerium.com - YouTube
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