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PlayStation 2 Favorite Vehicle


Registered Member
What's your favorite vehicle in San Andreas? I'm gonna have to say either the FCR-900 or the Monster.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Unfortunately I still don't have this game, nor have I ever played it. Looks pretty awesome though. GTA3 and Vice City were both a lot of fun and kept me busy for a long time. I'll definitely pick up San Andreas in the near future. Probably when it gets down to $20-30 for the Xbox version.


Registered Member
Motorcycles for me. Can't beat that high-speed. Excellent for tricks, and a lot cooler if you pull them off. It takes skill to hit a pedestrian with small itty bitty motorcycle. With a car, it's no fun. They have virtually no chance of escape.


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My fav. was the motorcycle. I loved how it was soo much easier to get around, plus it was just bad ass. The Monster truck was cool and all, but the chopper made you feel like you are a punk just cruisin the strip.


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The motorcycles, all of them. Also, the lowrider truck, in a sky blue. SWEET


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I'd have to say the Motorcycle also. Just something about riding down the streets, dodging cars, and listening to the radio.