Favorite Type of Alcohol

What is your alcohol preference?

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This thread is pretty simple. What type of alcohol do you prefer? Beer, wine, or liquor? Are there different times where you prefer one over another?

I'm definitely a beer drinker. Doesn't really matter what the occasion is, I always prefer beer over wine or liquor.


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Liquor. But it's really more by default than anything. I can't stand beer, and wine is for prissy boys and wimmin.

And I drink when the sun rises, I drink when the sun sets. And normally anywhere in between, too.
Don't beat me, but..., but I don't drink! There, I said it. I had a beer or two in my life and did not enjoy the bitter and disgusting flavor. Wine basically did the same thing. As for the hard stuff... well, what can I say, I don't like losing control and doing something I'll regret.

I wouldn't mind if I started to drink red wine since I read and heard about reports of red wine being beneficial. Reducing stress, living longer, fighting certain types of cancers, yada-yada. Who knew smashed grapes could be healthy!


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I don't drink beer. Mom drank so much when I was young and she barfed. Now I associate beer with barf.

Wine is too snobby, but I'll take it with meals.

Liquor! Vodka..mmm. Mai Tai is my fave.


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Beer always tasted too gross and was too much of a wuss drink to me.

Liquor is the only way to go.