TV Favorite TV Drama Couples


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Doug and Carol-ER
Joey and Pacey-Dawson's Creek
Nathan and Haley-One Tree Hill
David and Donna-Beverly Hills 90210
Hodges and Angela-Bones
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Hank Moody & anything with a vagina in LA (ha). "Californication"
Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (it was there, you know it). "The X-Files"
Seth & Summer. "The O.C."
Dawson & Joey. "Dawson's Creek"
Adriana La Cerva & Christopher Moltisanti. "The Sopranos"


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Even though they aren't really a couple, I would say that Stabler and Benson from Law and Order: SVU make a good couple. I know their just partners but they work together most of the time and they feed off each other. Also when Benson said she wanted a new partner Stabler was crushed by the news.