Favorite Tree


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What's your favorite kind of tree?

I have a couple.

Red Pine


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I've never really thought of which one I like the most and I still can't to tell you the truth. But I do know I despise pine and gum ball trees.


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Assuredly my favorite tree has to be aspen, they make great trekking poles for hiking, burn well, look great, and they are all over the place, I saw a lot of them on my camping trip.
A willow tree...or is it 'weeping willow'

And Aspen (especially in the fall when they look like this-)

(or in the winter..or any time of yr for that matter :) )


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My favourite are the Antarctic Beech tree's. Antarctic Beech trees are remnants of forest many millions of years old, from the days when Australia was a part of Gonwanda Land, a huge land mass at the bottom of the Earth. They are found only in small pockets, of a few trees, at the Lamington National Park in southern Queensland, Australia.

I've gone and seen them, amazing things.