TV Favorite Teen Drama?

Any fans of this genre? What is your favorite one and why? What are some of your favorite characters? What characters or storylines did you like the best or not like at all? Do any of the current teen dramas interest you or are the best ones all behind us?


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Sadly I watched the OC for a couple years. Other than that I have never gotten into any. I couldn't care less about teens having crushes on each other. They're only fun when the storylines involves partying and drugs.


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Is Charmed part of teen drama? I love their powers and the initial dilemma of trying to look normal while going through regular life as growing up girls/sisters. I followed several seasons of it until they introduced some kind of magic school...pfft.

I also followed 7th Heaven - that's a long running show! The kids have family too now. Somehow it's listed as teen drama on wiki, I think it's more family oriented, not just teens.

I used to watch 90210 until that season when they seem to just mix lovers and sleep with each other within the same circle of friends.
The O.C. is without question my favorite teen drama. The first season was really entertaining, I thought it was going great until the Oliver storyline, that was a bit of a dip but the last few episodes made up for it. Then the second season came along, much darker, not as funny. There were a few storylines that I didn't care for and this was definitely a sophomore slump. Third season didn't get a ton better, but wasn't as much of a downer as season 2 (until the end) and they introduced a character that should've been there from the beginning; Taylor Townsend. Season 4 was without a doubt the lightest and had very few storylines that were 100% serious. It also had the best Christmas episode and a couple of others that rank in my top 5 OC episodes. Overall it was a good series, that while short, ran it's course.

The other one I really enjoyed was Dawson's Creek. While they weren't poor, they definitely didn't have the money the Cohen's did and that was a nice change. I had a problem with how they talked thought, waaaaay too smart for 15-year-old kids. I got over that though, and really enjoyed some of the storylines. They did some cliche stuff, but once in a while did something a little different. The first 3 seasons were the best, and similar to The O.C. they added a great character late in it's run. Too bad she wouldn't have been added to the cast in the beginning, but then again, her character probably wouldn't have worked. The last few seasons were fun but not really needed and the series finale is still up in the air with me. 50/50 on whether I liked it or not. Another good series.


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I would have to say i watch quite a few but my favourite would have to be One Tree Hill i have watched and loved every season they always have great story lines and fact Chad Michael Murray also is one of the main characters.
Also quite like skins loved the first two seriies the best but still liking the current ones and the story lines.
And the last one i liked to watch which has finished now was The O.C just unfortunate they didn't allow that to run for longer felt we could have been given another couple of series as felt you were jsut getting into it when they stopped it.


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One Tree Hill, I could never get into that, it had that douchebag as the lead character.... what's-his-face?
Chad Michael Murray? Yes, he's quite the douchebag. I've watched, maybe 1 or 2 episodes and I hated it.

I'm personally not into Teen Dramas but if I'm flippin through the channels, and nothing I like is on, then I'll deal. I used to watch Degrassi: TNG back in high school up until maybe Grade 10, but not anymore. From time to time, I'll watch Gossip Girl or The Secret Life.


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i think " the oc " was the one of best, only not teen show, an excellent drama show. " skins " is a very well written show. when i was growing up in 60's and 70s, that wasn't too many teen shows after 6:00 pm, the two teen shows, i remember that, i enjoyed was " room 222 " and " welcome back, kotter ! " at least first five years of " smallville " that teen show, it is an excellent show. the biggest " teen " phenomena of tv show has to be " buffy, the vampire slayer " , that a great tv show ! " buffy " is the best "teen " drama, i've seen ! just fun show to watch.