Favorite supporting characters?


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What supporting anime characters do you like?

Roy Mustang: He was probably my favorite character in FMA. I liked his ablitys and I liked his attitude.
One of my favorites would have t ohey just provide a whole helluva lot of random silliness...

The tru agonist and antagonists are the trainers and their battles with one another. I mean inner battles with themselves in order to grow and the pokemon battles.



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Hmm Dearca (spelling) and Murialia in Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny (althought i havent seen him hardly at all in the series).

Ummm. Theres more but its hard to distiungish the difference. For example if the character is in every episode does that make them a main character?

Even though for example Ichigo and Rukia are main characters in bleach Inoue and Chad are in almost ever episode even though the show doesnt center around them. So would you classify them as supporting characters?

If you would then I could run off alot of names. Hell the entire SOS Brigade in Melancholy and almost the characters in my favorite animes.


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Well there's usually like 2-3 main characters. For example their best friends or family or whatever the case is usually a “supporting” character. They can be in almost all the eps and still be considered a supporting character.