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NFL Favorite Super Bowl commercials?


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Given that the game was disappointing beyond measure for me I managed to actually find something about the game that I did enjoy.

The commercials.

One thing I did notice was that there were a lot of celebrities this year, a lot more than usual it would seem.

My personal favorite commercial would be this one.

Wonderful Pistachios Stephen Colbert Super Bowl Commercial 2014, Parts 1 and 2 combined - YouTube

^That's a gem right there. That commercial is just screaming Stephen Colbert, nobody else could have possibly pulled it off like that.

What were your favorite commercials during the big game?


The commercials weren't much better than the game in my opinion.

There were a couple that I found amusing but mostly they were just 'meh'. There were also a few that I thought were giant wastes of millions of dollars.

We'll start with the ones I liked...

RadioShack Super Bowl 2014 Commercial - YouTube

Turbo Tax Super Bowl XLVIII ad - Love Hurts (2014) - YouTube

Seinfeld Super Bowl Commercial 2014 Jerry & George Are Back. - YouTube

Budweiser "Puppy Love" Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial [BEST SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL] - YouTube

The ones I hated won't be getting their links to Youtube posted. Haha.

They were the ones involving Don Cheadle and Arnold. What was the point? Why the big lead up? I hated the one when Ellen, mainly because I REALLY dislike her.


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Oh I really liked the one with the Turbo Tax. John C Reilly was the perfect narrator for that one. There was a lot of funny content in that one though.

I didn't get the ones involving Don Cheadle or Arnold either.

The commercial that made me the happiest was probably the one with U2 where they offered everyone a free song called Invisible on iTunes, that was a nice touch. :)


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Puppy love was probably my favorite. British Villains was also prett good. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the commercials this year though.


I liked the pistachio one and the Coke one.


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Radio Shack's was cool

I liked the Seinfeld reunion too. It was just an average year I thought.