Favorite Subsitute Teacher


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When you were in school, did you have a favorite substitute teacher?

We had this really old guy as a substitute teacher. He was hard of hearing and we had him for spanish class one day and we were watching beauty and the beast in spanish. Well, no one know what they were saying so we had a little war in class. The lights were turned off and the movie was playing. We were throwing paper balls at each other and even paintballing the room. Someone brought in some paintballs and we were throwing it at the walls. Were the last class of the day too.

The next day, the teacher that owned the room came into the class and was talking to the substitute about the wall being paintballed. The substitute said that it wasn't us and said it must of been the first period class. I was laughing soo hard.


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Yeah, we had an ace subsitute teacher, she was called Miss. Willets, and she her used to have competitions where we had to answer questions and she would give us a bag of chocolate buttons if we got it right and we always got them right because they were really easy questions. She also let us do whatever we like (to an extent) in class, I remember someone standing ontop of a table once and she didnt say anything about it.
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Yeah I definitely have a favorite substitute teacher.

Mr. Slocum, he's 78 years old, very active, funny, is a former professional volleyball player, and he subs all the time for P.E. classes and English classes at my school.

When the class gets out of line he has this incredibly loud whistle that he blows, then everybody freaks out.

I've witnessed many funny moments with this guy.


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I had a couple of pretty awesome substitutes.

1.) His name was Mr. Swift. He was 70 some odd years old. Rather than telling us stuff about whatever subject he was subbing for, he told us war stories. And then when he was done that, we could do whatever we wanted for the rest of the time, and so a group of us would sit on the desks and help him with his crossword puzzles. (It was especially fun when he substituted Tech Ed. because we would sit on the work benches. As a kid, that was awesome.) He also handed out mints to his favorite students in the class.

2.) Her name was Mrs. White. The only good thing about her was that she would tell us what we were supposed to be doing, and then fall asleep. If we got loud enough to wake her up, she would just say "Quiet down" and then drift off back to sleep.

3.) In High School, most of the subs were former students, so... we didn't do much. That was always nice. All the girls went crazy when David Ball substituted, I remember that. It would be cool and all... if he actually STAYED in the NFL.
My favorite was a guy by the name of Mr. Laymon. He was old as hell (not sure the exact age) and was probably at least a bit senile. If we didn't feel like learning that day, someone would just ask him about "the war" and he would go off on a series of unrelated stories that took up the entire class pretty much.


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I don't remember any substitute teachers I had by name. The only ones that I remember are the ones who were also my teachers for other classes. For example I had a creative writing teacher who substitute taught one of my other classes for a week during her free period. Other than that I can't say that I remember a single substitute teacher I have had.


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There was another substitute teacher. She was a really hot sub and my fellow classmates would drop their books or pencil on purpose and she would come over, bend over and pick it up for them. When I say bend over, I mean not bending her knees either.


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Ohh everyone in oour school had the same favourite substitute teacher. We just knew her as Doreen (nobody remembers her second name for some reason) and she was, ahem, FINE! Plus i had her for french and when she spoke french.... ahhh you'd just melt in your chair :D

A lot of trouble was caused over her at one point when she was walking through the corridor, and it was pretty full, one of the students slapped her really hard on the ass. We had a lot of lectures over that :p


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Our guidance counselor do most of the subbing the classes need. It's a small school, so there's just a few class to cover if ever. We get along well but that's because I'm with the Peer Counseling Society. I know her style of teaching and am used to it so it's not such a big change. I don't like stranger substitutes who more often try to impress the class most of the time than teach.


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Shit, it's been so long since I was in school I can barely remember any of the subs. There were a few cool ones though who let us do whatever we want. And then there were other subs who we took advantage of.