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favorite subs?

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I am the edge!
Jimmy John's is definitely my favorite. Subway is pretty meh in comparison, and I've never been to Quiznos. Erbert & Gerberts is fairly comparable, but just isn't quite as good in my opinion.


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Im from montreal, we have 2 chains that are only found here though
dagwoods and Toasty's....
I like them both better than subway or quiznos..
toastys is like a quizno, just cheaper and better sandwiches


Sally Twit
Subway because I've never heard of the other two options. They must only be in America.
Subway is awesome anyway and I'd still pick it. I love sandwiches and the fillings they offer are just amazing. They taste so fresh too.


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Subway gets my vote, I really dont find subs to be my favorite kind of sandwitch, but when I do crave one I would head to a local subway. I find them to be pretty cheap and delicious, plus Subway was around before any of the other competitors were, so it gets my vote, lol



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You know, I used to really like Subway. Then I ate Jimmy John's. Now, Subway tastes like shit. I just can't eat it. It feels like a big waste of money. Everything is so processed and greasy. Bleh.

JIMMY JOHN'S forever! LOL.