Favorite Sub Place

favorite subs?

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What's your favorite place to get subs?

Mine is definitely Jimmy John's. I love the Vito.

Subway is alright sometimes, but their ingredients aren't as fresh.

I can't stand Quizno's.


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I like going to Fire House subs, I think they are the best around. I can't stand Scrubway or Quizno's. I have never heard of Jimmy johns.
It's hard to find a good sub place now a days, I miss the old mom and pop sub shops they were the best.


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For me it's definitely Subway, I love a lot of their selections and its so good. I've had a sub back to back days now.

I use to like Quizno's, but I puke after eatting one this one time, and I havent eatten it since.
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My favorite sub place so far would have to be jersey mike's. I always get the italian sub and have it done mike's way. I like how they slice the meat in front of you and you know the meat is fresh.


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There's a local place called Franco's Sub Station and Pizzeria just down the road from me that's awesome. After that, maybe Jimmy Johns.


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Never heard of Jimmy John's. Subway is way too processed for me but Quizno's always tastes the best.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Jimmy Johns started in the midwest and is really popular here now, especially in college towns. It's been spreading all over the country the last few years. There's at least one in almost every state now.