Favorite Style(s) of Art.

What are your favorite style(s) of art? (i.e.: expressionism, post modernism, impressionism).
I'd have to say mine would be surrealism and photorealism. Surrealism because it shows something so...not seen before, something I haven't personally seen in my life. And photorealism just because of the talent it takes to actually create a painting that really looks like it's an actual photograph.


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I am fond of pointillism for the level of patience required. I like also like Alex Grey's work. I am not sure what style you would classify him as.
My favourite to draw in would probably be pop art. I love drawing the girls in that style for some reason (oook that sounds weird...).

As for just to look at, well, any really. I would find it difficult to pick a favourite since I like different things from all kinds of styles. Maybe just plain old realism.


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1) Expressionism, but not the abstract kind.
2) Conceptual art.
3) The neo-Raphaelites / neogothic.
4) Romanticism.
5) Art nouveau / Jugendstil.

In no particular order :)