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Favorite Stone Cold/Kurt Angle match


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What is your favorite Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin match? Please give reasons behind your answers.

For Austin: It's his match against Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13, Stone Cold did everything in that match but he just came up short at the end. The whole match was wonderful, but it's the ending was simply awesome. Stone Cold refusing to quit so he just passed out while he was locked in the sharpshooter because of all the blood he lost in the match.

For Angle: It as to be the Street Fight he had against Shane McMahon. Shane always puts on a good show in these type of matches, but Angle just carried him most of the way. These two put their bodies through hell in this match. Favorite part for me, and probably everyone is when Angle was trying to suplex Shane through the glass but it didn't want to break. He did it a few times...simply awesome.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Stone Cold: Definitely Wrestlemania 17, which is regarded as one of the greatest matches of all time. It showed two of the most popular wrestlers of all time, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. A match of this magnitude and calibre won't be shown for quite a long time. It also had the best Heel turn ever imho.

Kurt Angle: Wrestlemania 19 against Brock Lesnar, pure wrestling match. You had two wrestlers with an amateur background in wrestling, which I think was the first match of this kind in a Wrestlemania main event. Top class match, definitely listed as one of the greatest matches of all time.