TV Favorite South Park character

Who is your favorite character?

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Monday Night Rollins
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My favorite main character is Randy Marsh (Stan's Dad)

My favorite ancillary character is Clyde Donovan

Honorable mention goes to Butters


It's not me, it's you.
Butters is my absolute favorite. I don't know why...he's just cute. He's always getting grounded for stupid things, and he's always saying really stupid things... like "oh hamburgers!" and that song he always sings..."i've got some apples loo loo loo"

Hmm. It's hard to explain why I love him so much.


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I think eric is my favorite because he can do pretty much anything.
Butters is pretty close too because i laugh every time he says something
Kenny is up there too, did you know if you turn the subtitles on your tv on you can see what he is saying