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Whats your favorite Sony game(s) on (PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP)

PS2: Killzone(shitty controls though..) Bully, grand theft auto series
PS3: Resistance fall of man


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PS1 - Resident Evil series, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis 2, Final Fantasy 7-9
PS2 - God of War, Devil May Cry trilogy, Guitar Hero, Resident Evil 2, FFX
PSP - Infected
PS3 - The only one that looks remotely fun is Resistance: Fall of Man


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PS: Legend of Dragoon
PS2: Xenosaga, Dirge of Cerberus, Dynasty Warriors
PS3: Well I want to try that Genji game....whenever I get the money to buy the system and game that is --;
PSone: Resident Evil 1,2

PS2: Smackdown games, god of war, GTA, Resident Evil, and a bunch of others

PS3 Ummm wow uhhh for the sake or picking something Resistance: fall of man (Even thought it can get boring and the second play does not get credited at all)


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PS1-Diablo. I love that game. I still have it around somewhere.

PS2- Kingdom Hearts I & II, God of War, .//hack series.