Favorite song from a video game?


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Well the first thing that came to my mind is a real song that was put into a game but I think its popularity is more linked to the game (not many has heard of it until ps3 game used it). It's Volver a comenzar from Little Big Planet
It never fails to make me smile when I hear it played. I decided to check online its title from the LBP OST.

YouTube - Café Tacuba - Volver a comenzar

I also heard several songs from the Valkyria Chronicles OST today. Good music. I'm thinking of buying it if I can find a store here that sells it. Mostly they just sell the game not the music.


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Superman - Goldfinger.

Taken from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater :D For me one of the best games in the Tony Hawks series. I just love getting the game out of my shelf full of dust and completing it in one day :p


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All of the music from Final Fantasy X and all of the music from the Sonic games. I can't pick just one to be honest.