TV Favorite SNL Skit?


still nobody's bitch
SNL hasn't been funny in about 15 years, with few exceptions.

It was rofl funny before that.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've never been a fan of SNL, but what you posted Goat was hilarious, started off pretty slow, but it picked up at the middle and end. Thanks for posting that clip.


Son of Liberty
Yeah thats sorta what I figured but was hoping for better. I've seen and laughed at that Sean Connery clip for a long while now. Its one of those that rarely gets old. But since it was so good I was sorta hoping there were other diamonds hiding out there among the crap that SNL has slung.

But I do agree. Its few and far between when SNL actually has funny stuff, however I feel when they do hit funny....they do it good.