TV Favorite sitcom couples


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My favorites are

  • Chandler and Monica(Friends)
  • Ross and Rachel(Friends)
  • Dan and Roseanne(Roseanne)
  • Doug and Carrie(King of Queens)


Sally Twit
Denise & Dave (The Royle Family)
Perry & Jordan (Scrubs)

These aren't classed as Sitcoms but Comedy-drama:
Carrie & Big (SATC)
Miranda & Steve (SATC)
Nate & Brenda (Six Feet Under)
David & Keith (Six Feet Under)


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Dave and Lisa (from NewsRadio)
Joe and Helen (from Wings)
Cory and Topanga (from Boy Meets World)
Rob and Laura (from The Dick Van Dyke Show)
Darrin (#1) and Samantha (from Bewitched)

Among others...
Roseanne and Dan - Roseanne
Carrie and Doug - King of Queens
Peggy and Al - Married with Children
Jay and Michael - My Wife and Kids

Love all of um.