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Favorite signature maneuvers?


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So we've talked about favorite finishing moves in wrestling many times before...but what about signature/set-up moves?

Randy Orton's DDT off of the ropes, AJ Styles' "Pelee," Triple H's spinebuster...there are a lot of quality maneuvers like this that make up the heart of a wrestler's moveset.

What signature moves are your favorites?

  • Do you think that any of these moves are good enough to be a finisher by themselves?
  • Can you think of any maneuvers that you'd rather see over a wrestler's current finisher? (for example: you'd rather see Mr. Anderson using the Green Bay Plunge as a finisher vs. the Mic Check).

What signature moves do you hate?


Haters gonna hate.
The Miz's corner clothesline is great, and is unique to him. I do also enjoy Orton's DDT off the ropes.

There are actually very few that I hate... none that I can name, either.


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Hmm.... Hard to pick favourites out of such a wide choice, so i'll just stick down the first that come to mind!

Definitely one of the first ones that came to mind was MCMG's 'Inverted STF & Running Drop Kick Combo'. One of the coolest tag team moves out there.

YouTube - MCMG - Reverse Atomic Drop + Low Dropkick + Inverted STF + Running Dropkick combo

Oh and as for singles wrestlers, El Generico's through the ropes tornado DDT has to be up there as one of the most awesome signature moves. Just incredible, and always gets a huge reaction whenever he pulls it off!

YouTube - Suicide Dive Tornado DDT