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Alright guys we had a few topics about your favorite old show, your favorite sitcome in the early 90's well, I decided to create a thread about what's your favorite current show and why?

Mine has to be Prison Break, it's an amazing show, great characters, and the plot is great, and at first they were only expected to have one season because what to do after they break out of Prison, but the show got high ratings that they decided to create another season, and the second season was awesome as well, the plot was great, the escapees lived on the run, and one cop was hired to kill all of them, and he did kill a few but there's still some alive, and now season three is going to start in the fall and I cannot wait it's going to be awesome. Great show

House is a great show as well, never gave it a chance at first but Merc kept talking about it so I decided to watch an episode and I'm glad I did the show is wonderful the new stories in every episodes are great, and House is a great character.

What about you guys?


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My favorite show at the moment has to be House. A lot of people find the show very formulaic, but I love Hugh Laurie's acting and his character in the show. I never thought that I'd get into a medical drama, but House just hooks me. It's cynically funny and smart, and House is just the biggest badass with a medical license.


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I'll agree with Italiano.

However, another favorite show of mine has to be Man Vs. Wild. Bear Grylls is such a bad ass and it's awesome learning all the survival techniques.


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Mine is Prison Break. Because I loved the first season, I missed 3-4 episodes at the start but I still watched them, and season two is bloody awesome. I really love this show.

Oh..I almost forgot.

Supernatural: I never really liked this show and my sister got me into it, since then, I am loving this show. It's just awesome. Sam and Dean rock!!


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Man... I have a few, so I will just name all of them.

Scrubs; Who loves this show? I do! I find the humor and quirky characters like Elliot and JD amusing. I never miss an episode now. ^^

South of Nowhere; The emotion and actors in this show is fantastic. I find Gabrielle (Spencer) and Mandy (Ashley) fantastic actresses in the show. They are so convincing in their acting that when I watched a cast panel with them on it, I actually believed they were their characters. That is until I reallized the personality differences. "Triple word score, Herpes!"

Kyle XY; I just love how they keep you on the edge of your seat with each episode. The compelling story line keeps you watching each episode and have you craving for more.

I'm about to start watching The L Word, so that might be added to the list. :]


There are a few that really kick ass:

24 Rocks the Heezy
South Park still brings it
Burn Notice is cool
Psych is off the hook


It'd be either Conan O'Brien or the Henry Rollins Show.

But if you're looking for a more sitcom/traditional show, it'd be The Office (US).