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Favorite setting?


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I don't know why, but even after I was first introduced to the "apocalyptic wasteland" years ago thanks to Fallout, I just can't get enough of it. For some reason I've yet to figure out, my favorite setting seems to be the post apocalyptic world. I just love the concept of an expansive land filled with danger and also the idea of human nature being stripped down to its bare minimum is also a dark subject that is too exciting to not write about.

How about you?


I've always been a sucker for anything fantasy.

I read pretty much anything set in the whole medieval fantasy setting as I'm just a sucker for it and it takes me back to the style of fantasy novels I read as a kid. I love big castles, bows and arrows, swords but also dragons, wizards and magicians.

I also love the other more modern type of fantasy. Fantasy set in a modern world. Funnily enough the Harry Potter series manages to be both set in a modern world but also has the feeling of the classic medieval fantasy novels so you can imagine how much I love those.

I also LOVE any story, whether it be book, film, play or anything that is set in an alternate history. I'm currently reading a book set in an alternate version of England in the 80's and it's so much fun to read. I like it when authors take the familiar and things we recognise but then just turn it on it's head.


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I'm 100% with you Merc, I am OBSESSED with the wasteland. It is odd as I mostly read contemporary fiction but whenever I conceive a story it will be fantasy or sci-fi. It sometimes starts normal but then ends up with an atom bomb going off...


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Post apocalyptic is pretty cool to me.

If we're talking strictly location then I do like settings in rural areas high up in the mountains maybe with some snow or something.

If we're talking overall feel I like stuff that seems like impossible situations. Let me explain. If it's a well done terror plot, or a band of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse I'm going to enjoy it a ton. You could take the very stereotypical setting of some guys being on a camping trip and suddenly they are thrust into a world of terror and I'd like it so long as it was written well.

I liked stuff like War of the Worlds (though the storyline needed some work), and I am Legend.

The impossible is where writing gets great, what's the fun in reading somethings that's 100% possible? There's simply no thrill in that, I've always been a sucker for well written fictional stories that take place outside of reality.
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well I must admit, I am a sucker for fantasy settings as well.

However, my favourite places are forests. I don't know why, but the whole mystery of a thick forest just mesmerises me :D

Add some sorcery and dragons to the whole thing and I'm hooked :D