Favorite rivalries?


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There's been a lot of great rivalries in the history of Wrestling, tell me some of your favorite ones.

I thought the rivalry between Bret Hart and Steve Austin was great since everytime they faced each other they put on a heck of a show. Both were tremendous in the ring, barely made mistakes and they loved wrestling each other.

The biggest thing is that these two guys respected each other and Bret helped put Austin on the wrestling map.

Please don't go with Austin/McMahon, we all know how awesome this feud was and it's arguably the best in the history of wrestling.


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I liked some feuds actually...

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart notably...there was just so much hate there, that it was hard to ignore..

My favorite has to be Stone Cold and The Rock....they've had some epic matches over their careers, and were born to rival each other.

It was funny how The Rock would spin all his catchphrases only to have Austin say "Rock, I'm sick of you coming out here week after week with your stupid nursery rhymes about turning right to jabroni avenue or whatever...and your stupid sunglasses...and I'll check your ass into the smackdown hotel, and that's all I got to say about that".
These are the ones that come to mind, the ones I have enjoyed the most. Not necessarily the best though.

Austin vs. The Undertaker,
Sting vs. nWo,
Mankind vs. The Undertaker.

Obviously Austin/McMahon was my favorite, but we can't count that one. Ha.