Favorite Restaurant?


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I know a lot of other members wont know some of the Restaurants that people will mention, but I am still curious to see if I know any of them.

Whats your favorite restaurant, and your favorite meal from them?

My favorite restaurant is Boston Pizza, I go there all the time, not just to eat but to watch sports and have a few beers there. They have a nice set up. My favorite meal from them is there Spaghetti Bolognese.

How about you guys?


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I am a huge fan of the Waffle House. I like to order the Chop steak and 3 eggs with hash browns scattered covered and chunked ( Spread out, with cheese and diced ham) with a side of grits with extra butter and a bottomless cup of coffee.


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My favorite restaurant is Sullivan's Supper Club. I don't get to go there often, but when I do it's just a wonderful experience. I always get the tips and shrimp with the Irish potatoes, and lots and lots of coffee. They have the best coffee there.
My favourite restaurant is an italian one, I won't bother with the name because its not part of a chain, its just a local one near the town where I live.

I'll mention Olive Garden aswell because I'm sure people here will know it. We don't have it in England but I love going there when I go to America! and the Outback Steakhouse too. They do the nicest ribs.


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I'm a huge fan of Chilis, not just because I work there and get the awesome discounts on everything (except alcohol), but they have such a wide variety of items available. I like getting the Grilled Salmon with a side of French fries and Loaded Mashed Potatoes, if not that, then the original BBQ Ribs will do me in for the night for sure!



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Golden Corral is my absolute favorite. The only problem is that the closest one to me in New York is a four hour drive and I'm not about to drive that far just to eat. I don't care how good the food is. So my wife and I usually eat there when we go to Florida or Georgia.

We also like Cracker Barrel and Bonefish Grill.


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My favorite restaurant is probably either Morton's or Ruth's Chris. I don't get to go there often since they're both insanely expensive, but I think they have the best steak. I always order filet mignon.


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My favorite restaurant is a local place called Aubree's. It's in an old building in an area of town called Depot Town. It has exposed brick walls and a stamped tin ceiling. They have dozens of beers from local breweries and a fabulous menu, and the sound system only plays the best classic rock. If it ever closes I will be heartbroken. And if any of you ever come to visit me, I will take you there.


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Syndicate and I love a Chinese restaurant called Flaming Dragon. They do an all you can eat buffet for a really good price. We don't go there A LOT but when we do we make sure we don't eat much the night before!


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The favorite place I usually take my friends to, especially if it's their first time here, is Léon's. They specialise in moules-frites and it's yummy, affordable but not fastfoody nor fine dining.