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Favorite planet in our solar system (incl. Pluto)


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So do you have a favorite planet from our solar system? I'm going to include Pluto as an honorary planet. It was considered one when I was growing up, so it's in! :lol:

I would say mine are: Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. I like that the first two are so icey-looking. The colors of them are gorgeous. And I like Pluto because it's so tiny and the farthest away, but it sticks around.

What about you guys?


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Venus is cool, its so easy to spot in the night sky. Its also so Earth like in so many properties...but I think the coolest planet has to be our own.


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Mars and Saturn. I like the colour of Mars, and the rings of Saturn (Saturn is the one with the rings right?)


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Never really thought about it much. Venus I guess, and Saturn.


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I'm going to include Pluto as an honorary planet. It was considered one when I was growing up, so it's in! :lol:
That's a point, what the hell are we going to use as a mnemonic device? My very easy method just seems useless now?

Pluto. Not due to anything about it, but because past that is the great beyond, and a whole universe full of wonder and mystery.


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The other ones are something of a one trick pony.


Survived a M&G with Trent
I think it's neat how many of you are saying Earth. I honestly didn't even think about it because I was thinking more of planets other than Earth. LOL. But I guess I forgot to say that! :)

I love all there is about our planet. It's so intricate. But I bet if we knew more about the other planets, we'd find they are way more complicated than we think. :)


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Yeah I just assumed you meant all the planets but earth, hence why I didn't pick it.