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Favorite Old Cars or Trucks.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I was wondering what everyone's top two favorite old car is. It just has to be at least 20 years old. It can be a old muscle car, luxury car or even a truck.

My number one favorite is the 70 Rebel Machine. Maybe because we use to have one but they did run and there wasn't that many of them. The one we had was green plus we did a little work on the motor and put lower gears in it. Also like the tachometer being in the hood scoop, you didn't have to take your eyes off the road to look at it. It was also roomy.

The second car on my list is a 1985 Lincoln Town Car. They were such a comfortable ride with plenty of room but I must add they were a gas hog. They had a back seat you could sleep in and a trunk that would hold most anything. This was a favorite of the mobsters, think they liked that trunk space for obvious reasons.



Registered Member
I'm not really into cars or anything like that, but there have been some represented in TV shows that I've really loved the look of.

First one is the classic VW Van that featured in that brilliant Futurama episode "Bendin' in the Wind".

The second is the classic VW as popularised by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper in the Generation One Transformers cartoon and toy lines.



Free Spirit
Staff member
I drove a VW van one time and I hated it. I just hated the way it drove and the way it felt driving it. However I have drove a bug before and I liked it. A friend of mine actually got a speeding ticket in one going 90mph uphill. She had to get a run at the hill to do that.
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