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Favorite New Member


Registered Member
Well we have a list for favorite members. Who has joined within the past couple months that you have been impressed with? This mainly goes out to the members who have been around for awhile.

Right now I am liking The Dillman since he is actively posting in anime.

Rise up I also like even though he is a Steelers fan.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I have to go with Rise Up as well, he's been active in the sports section a lot lately, and he knows what he's talking about which is a good thing. I am hoping he'll remain active and help us grow.

But don't get me wrong I like all new members. It's just that Rise up caught my eye especially.


The return shall be legenday!
Rise Up is my pick. Since he came on board with us he's been contributing in a lot of sections especially the Sports sections. He's a quality poster which I like a lot, and I really enjoy reading the messages he post. Keep up the good work young one ;)


Forum Drifter
Rise up. So far he is pretty cool.

Xchrom0someXX! How could I forget her?!?!



Registered Member
Dillman, is a very good member so far, especially since he's posting in the anime section.

Rise up, is probably the most active out of the new members. And seems to be pretty smart about the NFL/MLB/NBA which is always good to have.

Xchrom0someXX, is a great member so far as well, she posts in just about every section or at least it seems like that.


Registered Member
Your not really a "new" member anymore.


For a Free Scotland
Inverted Squares, because she's a IRL friend.


Likes snow
I approve of that Hybrix guy.