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Favorite Month Criteria


still nobody's bitch
I've noticed a lot of people saying that July is their favorite month, as it is mine, but all of us who say that have their birthday in July.

What is your favorite month and why? Does your birthday have any influence on that if it's one of the crappiest months of the year? Do people in the southern hemisphere hate July the way I hate January and February?


Registered Member
I love the month I was born in, November; as it's my favorite time of the year: Autumn.


I'm serious
April is also my favorite month and yes, my bday is in April. But so is at least 6 of my close friends' bday, so it really is just a party month. Also, April is summer here, but it starts getting a little cooler, which is more bearable. April is a lovely month in SA.

If I had to pick a second fave month, I would go with November, if that helps?


I don't have any favorite month though I have a favorite season that is Spring. Maybe all the months that belong to this season are my favorites?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I love June the most since first it's sunny for the most part and June 21st is the official start day of Summer. In general my favorite months are May till August since I love to play baseball, it's always warm so you can head up to the beach and patio season starts.

Maybe some of you you get nice weather all year round, but here in my area we get around four months of winter with tons of snow.


It's not me, it's you.
My birthday is in June. My favorite month is October. It's cooler but not cold...and Halloween is just awesome. From my recollection, I also don't seem to have allergy problems then, either.


"Expect the unexpected"
I would have to go with December. Why? It's my favorite time of the year; the atmosphere, the family, friends, food, gifts....the works! No matter what happen to me or around me.... it's always been a happy time for me. So....December it is!


Well-Known Member
My favourite is October. It's the month it starts to get warmer here, it's the month my birthday is in, and a lot of my friends also have birthdays that month, so it's a very sociable time of year. And it's far enough away from Christmas that I don't have to start stressing about where i'm getting money to pay for people's presents.


New Member
I'm gonna say November. I love the cold, and November is right in the comfort zone of my cold tolerance. And it's just a peaceful time to me.


Band Nerd ♫
I don't have a favorite month in particular, Just as long as we're in the late fall and winter months I'm happy.

I was born five days after the first day of winter. But that has no influence on me liking winter. If I moved to the southern hemisphere, I would hate my birth month because it would be summer.