Favorite moments from WCW


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We haven't had a WCW thread in quite some time now, I think it's time to start a new one. This thread we can talk about anything that involved WCW, you can tell us your favorite moments, your favorite Pay Per Views, your favorite wrestlers. I think you get the point.



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Definitely when Hogan turned heel and teamed with NWO that was an awesome moment.

Another one was Lex Luger beating Hogan for the title, and the whole locker room coming down to celebrate that was cool hehe.

Ummm...Sting always making a weird entrance was cool, either from helicopter or from under the ring to pwn the wrestlers with the bat hehe.

Goldberg beating Raven for the first time to finally get a well deserved title around his waist.

Kevin Nash when he jack knifed Jeff Jarret and he feel through the ring, not sure if it was real or kayfabe lol.

Sid Vicious jumping from the top rope, and landed very badly on his leg, which snapped his leg in half, it's still gruesome as shit to watch haha.
I was 12 years old when I first started watching WCW - so my favorite moments either involve NWO or Sting, but mainly the way Sting would wreck house with that bat of his.

I also really got into the cruiserweight matches. Good stuff.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Yeah the cruiserweight matches was probably one of the really defining moments of WCW....and I mean really.

Billy Kidman doing a shooting star press was always amazing to watch hehe.