Favorite mixed drink


Hell, It's about time!
What is your favorite mixed drink?

I'm simple. I like either Jim Beam, SoCo or Jack mixed with either coke or cherry coke and ice.


rainbow 11!
HA! I was just about to see little miss Bacardi for a shot.

But my favorite mixed drink is rum and coke. Mmmmmmmm.


rainbow 11!
Ew! Are you serious?

My brother had that once. It's nasty, Merc.

*High fives Angel*


Forum Drifter
Screwdriver. Prefer Absolut Mandarin with Simply Orange pulp free. Drinking one right now actually.

Close second though is Rum and Coke. Prefer CM:pS.
My friend mixed Cherry Coke with some Blue Curacao with delicious results. Another really good one is drink that was served at a bar here in Columbus called Liquid Dope, which was one shot each of gin, vodka, and rum followed by a shot of sour mix, followed by one shot each of cherry, blackberry, and peach brandy followed by another shot of sour mix. It's poured in a pitcher filled with ice, then orange juice is poured in to fill up the pitcher, followed by a splash of grenadine. It's quite delicious, and you get drunk really quick.