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Favorite metal bands?


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, I'll go ahead and step in before this turns into an elitist fest:

Who cares.

Bands have been putting out albums since the '70s. Does that make them the best though? No. Pioneers are pioneers, they pave the road, they don't define it. I mean, Accept is still putting out albums! Does it mean I should respect them because they can still hold a guitar? Whatever.

Metal was always about the attitude. Nobody cared what it sounded like - power/progressive metal isn't the best, either. One could argue that the power metal chord is roughly the easiest to play, and it all sounds the same in the end. It was never about the sound, it was the attitude (minus the dragons)-- Metal has evolved beyond all that attitude and garage sounds, though. It wasn't the best then, and it still isn't now. You got your gems here and there. Like every other genre, there are a lot of bands lost to time and under-appreciated.

It's become one of the most controversial genres in the entire freakin' world. Why? Because of the many sub-genres that popped up in the '90s. Death-doom, stoner doom, drone doom, goregrind, pornogrind, ugh so many. I could throw band names out but it doesn't matter, you don't know them. Metal is HUGE and it's a lot more than just a few bands, I'm sorry to say. It's also more than just attitude.

All your bands can suck on my balls. They suck.

Now that's metal.


The Hierophant
Well, I'll go ahead and step in before this turns into an elitist fest:

Blah blah blah, my vagina hurts.

Now that's metal.

I agree! It's all about opinion. And in MY opinion Slayer is one of the best of the last 30 years that they've been playing. Sure, they do have some songs that I don't like, but overall, I absolutely love Slayer and feel like they deserve more credit than Epica, Symphony X, or just about any other metal band that's going to be named because they've been so influential on the genre as a whole.


Mark ov teh Pond
No way, Metallica is the best! Wait, what year is it?


No it's definitely 2010, people just discovered who Slayer was.

I got this all wrong...again... it's definitely umm... Marilyn Manson. He is the best metal. I don't care what came before him, during him, or after him. I don't even care if he puts on tights and starts singing about Unicorns, he's definitely the best.

P.P.S my vag still hurts.


Son of Liberty
My list bounces between a few genres of Metal, but the majority are still Metalcore;

Slayer (I agree with Hiei, they are like a sore dick, you just cant hardly beat it)
Pantera (Selectively, I'm not a fan of their whole catalog)
All That Remains
Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
Bullet for My Valentine
Killswitch Engage
Bury Your Dead
Mutiny Within
Mudvayne (the early Catalog, new stuff sucks ass)
Drowning Pool

Metallica is a bullshit answer in my opinion. Only because everyone likes Metallica, its hard not to like Metallica. Same with Disturbed, they have so many solid albums, they've established who they are and the consumers eat it all up. I would assume any fan of Metal is going to include both Metallica and Disturbed in their list.


New Member
That is why I said it is my opinion and that I do respect the band. I personally do not consider them the best but to each there own.

icegoat63: Most of your list is popular amongst almost all young teenagers these days. Also, not everyone likes Metalica. The most popular bands I have seen on people's list have been Slayer or Pantera. I personally do not like any of those bands... I respect them but I do not favor them. If I wanted heavier, darker metal I would probably go with a band like Nile.

Anyway, it is really all opinion but I will admit I do know the difference between a band that is more rock based or more metal based. I think a lot of times people confuse bands as metal for simply being loud and heavy. They forget that there is heavy rock acts or hard rock acts. Most metalcore and nu metal is more metal influenced rock music. That is a personal opinion. I do listen to a lot of genres of metal from Black Metal, Death Metal, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal etc... I could continue on. lol

Still, I am just stating my own personal opinion.


Embrace the Suck
I'll go with

Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
Black Sabbath

Oh shit, Manowar, how could I forget them?
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Mark ov teh Pond
I'd like to start by saying, earlier I was making no personal jabs at anyone. I was displaying my own personal opinion through metal elitism, because I'm awesome.

I never understood how Slayer could be the best in 30 years. There has been a lot of metal acts that have been a lot better in the last 30 years. I am not a fan of them but I do respect their impact on the metal community. Just a personal opinion though. If I were to consider any band to be the best in this generation, I have to go with bands like Symphony X or Epica.
As I was hinting in what I said earlier in the thread, the way metal has evolved it's not impossible to think that even a progressive/power/orchestral/atmospheric metal band could be the best, but of course it all boils down to personal opinion.

Epica? Really?

Ugh, I listened to them once and wanted to carve my ears off, like the last time I heard Nickelback.
I agree with you too-- I've gone through all my phases in my teens. There were times I've listened to nothing but black metal, death metal, thrash - you name it. Never power/symphonic though. I mean, I had a band here and there I enjoyed but the genre as a whole I could not get into at all. You're talking to a major freakin' sword-waving-dragon-book-reading nerd too. Power metal can die, IMO.


Well-Known Member
Holy shit, how did I miss this thread?

It's hard to pick favourites, so I'll just list the first that come to mind (so pretty much those i've listened to today)

Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
Lamb of God
Machine Head

and the list goes on. But they're the most recent i've listened to


Registered Member
That would def be a lot of bands! But these are the ones i think totally rock!
Devil Wears Prada
Scar Symmetry
Cancer Bats
Buried Inside
I kind of like Nine Inch Nails & Disturbed too.