Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?


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What is your favorite Led Zeppelin album?

Mine has to be Physical Graffiti. I love all but one song on that album, and a few of them are among Led Zeppelin's 10 Best Songs as well (IMO). I mean, In The Light, Kashmir, Ten Years Gone, Sick Again, The Rover, In My Time of Dying, all there. I've been jamming everyday to it for over a month now and still aren't tired of it. Its legendary.
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Down By The Seaside, Trampled Underfoot, Custard Pie... kind of unfair, being that it's a double album, but I think I'd have to go with Graffiti as well. I have been listening to a lot of cuts lately which happen to be from that LP.


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I hate Trampled Underfoot because it was one of my ex's favorites. I do love Ten Years Gone though, that's one of my favorites.


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Physical Graffiti is by far their best, for me. Others ones I like Presence, Led Zepplin IV and Houses of the Holy. I have the entire Houses of The Holy and Physical Graffiti albums on my iPod.