PlayStation 2 Favorite Kingdom Hearts Character

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by GregMcJenkins, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. GregMcJenkins

    GregMcJenkins Registered Member

    My favorite is Axel. I want to know other people's favorites.

  2. Malificus

    Malificus Likes snow

    I'm a big Luxord fan. I've even cosplayed as him.
  3. Henskie

    Henskie The Super Pimp of GF

    Riku because I relate to him very well because he has his own sense of justice and will push forward much like myself
  4. Tekkei

    Tekkei Registered Member

    Kairi. It's sad she wasn't expanded on more.
  5. Golartemarket

    Golartemarket Registered Member

    i'll have to with kairi and sora
  6. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    Xigbar. I love his California accent, his long hair, patch, cool eyes and awesome scar.

    You clever little sneak!
  7. garret

    garret SEMPER PI Bitch! Always P

    its a tie between Axel and Riku. just because they both are just so kool.
  8. Tyeler

    Tyeler Registered Member

    Hmmmmm........ My favorite villain is Xemnas, just cause he looks so cool and I love his attacks. My favorite good guy is Sora, cause I love the Final Drive form... and the Neo form too. :D
  9. MasterChad

    MasterChad Registered Member

    gotta go with a bad guy

  10. Greywolf

    Greywolf Registered Member

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