Favorite job you've ever had?


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Sparked by another thread...

Favorite job you've ever had?

My favorite job (and no laughing!) was working at a farm when I was 16. I got to drive my dad's pickup truck (so cool) and I got to pick green beans and grade tomatoes. It was hard work, and I was paid by how many I picked or graded. I prefered that payment method over hourly wage.

There's a local farm I buy produce from and I have to resist the urge to ask if they need any help every time I go :)


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I was a web developer for a local computer sales company. The people there were great, and that's why I liked it. Otherwise the web stuff was just like any other job, but really it's the people you work with that make or break a job. ;)

I also enjoyed working at PayPal for similar reasons. The only reason I quit that job was because I wasn't able to get off of the graveyard shift unfortunately. :(


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It is my current job. I am a webmaster/web designer. It is the people that make the job. I have so much work to do, some days I feel buried. But it is nice to work with people that are fun to be around.


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I think it's funny that everyone always talks about their first jobs. My favorite job was to walk dogs for weekends and earn a few bucks, it was easy and great excercise. That was a LONGG time ago though. :)