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Favorite Job Ever?


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So what's your favorite job you've ever had? Mine was working for a local company that sold computers online. The people there were awesome and we had two TV's and two XBOX's and two copies of Halo in the break room. :) Oh, and 8 controllers.

It was definitely a place full of nerds but it was awesome. Easily my favorite job so far.


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I had a lot of fun repairing assembly fixtures for a plastics company that I was with for awhile. Unfortunately, other aspects of that job sucked hard, but I did enjoy making stuff work.


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When I was in business for myself painting murals.


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I had a great job working at the county building department in customer service. there were good people there, i had a great boss, we were unionized (AFSCME), the work was interesting enough and we kept pretty busy, and i loved interacting with the building & trade contractors.

Unfortunately i was laid off, but that's how i ended up at the job i'm at now, having met my boss when i was working at the building department. so it all worked out.


The job I had the I liked the most?


Sorry Hybrix. Anyways, serrious answer

By far a freelance musican is the lowest paying most awesome job ever.


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My current job is awesome. I can't think of a better job.

Okay one that pays more but that's it haha.


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I think my favourite job has to be the one i currently have......Get paid quite well for having a cushy time. Mind you have to do alot of traveling at times. Im a multi skilled tradesman by the way. ( Decorating mostly)


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It would either be my current job, but only in the summer/spring, or Taco Bell. I worked with a really cool crew at Taco Bell and we had tons of downtime -- made life grand.


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still young, haven't experienced many jobs. i've had one that lasted two years, which i hated with a passion. i only stayed because i knew what i was doing and was good at it, and i couldn't be bothered getting another job lol. i had another one that lasted about three weeks. that was shit too. i was doing hard work for less than minimum wage. 5 dollars an hour. any aussie on here, or anyone that knows the value of the australian dollar, would know that thats just getting ripped off.
back to the point, i haven't had a job i have really liked so far. hopefully my next job will be better.