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favorite heroes/villans


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00vega said:
Doesn't rely on gadgets? Ok then exactly how does he swing from rooftop to rooftop again?
he has superman carry him.

another rich guy that doesn't have any powers and is also pretty cool is Green Arrow. i believe they're the only 2 heroes from the DC universe that don't have powers.
Well obviously he relies on his gadgets to some degree, but if you've seen him in the Justice League, you'd see that he relies more on his brain than anyone else and that a lot of the other members of the league rely on his brainpower too.

On the subject of Green Arrow, I will concur that he is cool as well. I love how he has a quiver full of different kinds of arrows (boxing glove arrow, explosive arrow, etc.) and he always manages to reach back and grab the one he needs for his given situation.


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Batman and Wolverine were my favorites because of their personalities. They're more dark and just want to accomplish the goal regardless of the cost.

I don't really have any favorite villians, but Venom was cool.


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My favorite villain is Lawrence from Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Everything he does is funny.


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Tim Burtons The Joker was a great villian, as was Green Goblin, if only for his manic destruction. Villians are always more likable than heros, I think.

Except Link of course, he is just adorable ^_^


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hmmmm.... describes Link as "adorable" and uses "^_^".

Well, that pretty much closes the book on the gender ambiguity with you.

EDIT: Yay! this was my 180th post. Halfway there... at last. Unfortunately, it's not on topic.

So lets see..... I like Ranzou from Double Dragon III. That was about the ONLY good thing about that game. That and maybe the fact that you can jump over and fling people across the screen with Billy and Jimmy, but that's it.


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vega's been lighting the place up with posts, all of them when i look say last updated by 00vega. lol i know you want a 360, but dang you stay here all day ? lol no offense, but i go play games than go out a lot. also, at school it's blocked.

Play the game heroes and villians. This is how you can find your real favorite heroes, by creating their looks and powers and stuff. YEAH BOIIIII


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lol you and me, we are close in posts. It's not an official challenge for rights or nothing, but i challenge you to 360 posts first. My favorite villain is now the hulk. He is a villian because he ripped wolverine into halves and threw them like miles apart. TIGHT.


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I don't really notice villians (because I cream them all), but I'd have to say that one of my favorite villians is Lavos from Chrono Trigger. It's funny because he rarely made an appearance in that game, and it was more the "hype" up to Lavos of everybody in the game that made the image of him so much more than he actually was. I like that game a lot.

Also, the Shadow Boss from Battletoads and Double Dragon was cool. Definately one of the cooler looking bosses in the game, and it really got his image together after all of the crappy versions of him in the previous DD games.