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I didn't know in what forum to put this so i put it in general gaming.What was your favorite Grand Theft Auto game?My was GTA:San Andreas.Well here are GTAs that exsist:GTA,GTA2,GTA:London 1969,GTA3.GTA:Vice City,GTA:San Andreas,GTA:Liberty City Stories,GTA:Vice city Stories,GTA 4
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GTA 4, without a doubt.

San Andreas is a close second though because I liked the RPG elements.


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I haven't finished GTA 4 yet, but so far I'd say San Andreas is my favorite. The game was so big and there was so much to do.
I only played GTA3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. I'll choose GTA: SA because it was very well made. I love that you could level up your weapons, your character's appearance, eat food, build muscles and level up your car/bike skills. A well made game with lots to do.

I'd like to try GTA:4 someday. I hear it's better than San Andreas. Is that possbile? O_O


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I played GTA III so damn much but I've still played the first one more. Vice city was great and San Andreas had some pretty deep RPG elements.
None the less GTA IV is the best game of all time so I think that counts over it's own predecessors too. lol

GTA IV just pulls you in deeper and deeper with every mission you play, it has more meaningful missions and everywhere I go I am blown away at the density of detail all around the city. The characters are realistic and absolutely hilarious or completely ruthless, I still can't stop thinking about this game and wondering what I'm going to decide to do next.

Even if you are old school the older GTA's are just no match since Rockstar knows how to out-do themselves every time.
Even if you are old school the older GTA's are just no match since Rockstar knows how to out-do themselves every time.

That's 100% true. I played Vice City first and was amaze. I went to play GTA: III and wasn't that impressed. In fast, I didn't even complete the whole thing since I was more into Vice City. Then, San Andreas came out and I was in complete shock. That game is so amazing. I just need to save some money up now to see how great GTA:4 is. All I hear is great things about the game. Nothing negative so far. ^^
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I liked Vice City the most because of the soundtrack, but San Andreas was better cuz of all the stats and stuff....i wish they could merge those 2 games together......it would be the best GTA ever