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Favorite GF memory


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Some of us have been members here for a long time, while others may be relatively new. But I'm sure we all have memories of this place that we'll carry with us long after we part ways or the forum ceases to exist.

So let's say GF disappears today. What will your top 3 memories be? They can be either good or bad. Don't name people that you'll remember. I'm looking more for events, drama, games, a certain night in chat, or maybe even a thread.


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I can't order them but I will list three very important GF memories:

The first series of 10 person poker games.
Nearly winning Survivor by working with Echoes, Kay, and she who doesn't deserve to be named.
Winning my first, and only, MOTM. Thanks tons guys I'll always appreciate it. (and any more :lol:)
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My hands down most prominent memory is the Valentin_Selzkinov debacle. I still go back and reread some of those threads at times because they were that hilarious for me.

Other than that, though, there aren't really any major individual moments that I remember.


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That's actually a really hard one to answer. And you need to answer yourself, Andrew

Completing my Power Hour and Century Club in chat, or any of the nights spent in chat drinking
Winning MotY 2009
Getting accepted into LC

I wanted to put the GF meetup in there, but as that's outside of GF I didn't think it would count.
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Chicago was a kick. We went in GF chat there, so at least that part of it counts.

Also awesome for me was the time I logged on and found hilarious Tucker avatars everywhere. That was so nonsensical, I just loved it. I kept copies for souvenirs.

And this.



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Lauren's right, it is a really hard question to answer. My least favorite memories are far more prominent in my mind, interestingly enough.

Winning MOTM in 2010 and 2009 was pretty special

Winning the GF Award Agony Aunt (best female source for advice)

that's all I got right now.


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Oh dear....er...

I have so many...erm....ok.

1) Winning MOTM <3 I appreciate that SO much :)
2) Being in chat while I was doing my essay and getting help from everyone who wondered in - I think I must have been in there for 12 hours lol!
3) The Meetup! (EPIC) (Incase that wasn't allowed)
4) The crazy lady who wanted to put her cat down because it was loud at night hahahahaha she cracked me up!


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Well, I haven't been here for nearly a year, so here we go:

1- Joining. C'mon. Who doesn't remember when the joined?
2- Reaching 1000 posts on 12.7.10. Soon to be eclipsed by 2000 posts.
3- Having people mistake me for KFC and not KSF.