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Favorite Genre?


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For me it is a shooter of any type. But I perfer a thrid person one over first person but I enjoy both. Some of my other favorite genres are MMORPG, RTS, and Action Adventure.


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FPS and Strategy are definatly what I go for. There's no other way around it. One gives me the action, and the other makes me think.

I like hack and slash type games, too, but I don't play or have as many.


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recently i've been playing a lot of shooters [ prefer fps ].

but i also like strat, fighting, rpg, action, adventure.
I like all types of games, but action and adventure games appeal to me most I would say. I love going on epic adventures.


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Party games. I love games where people can all get together and just have a fun time.

After that I love RTS, Turn Based, and FPS. And things that are completely different.


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Action/Adventure for sure. Shooters are great for multiplayer but I don't really enjoy playing singleplayer shooters anymore. Sports games are alright.


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Any game that's well-accustomed for multi-play. I'm talking beyond just the party games. When you've got lots of people, the fun of playing the game on single player should multiply exponentially. Any game that fails to capitalize on an opportunity to do this is seriously lacking. That's why I can't vote Mario Kart as my all time favorite game. It would be, but they never maximized the multiplayer capability. It's been over 12 mother F*ing years and I'm still waiting for a 4 player GP mode. When am I gonna get my 4 player GP mode? I see four players against each other. I see four players against each other with four more players hanging off the back of the damned car. But I don't see fucking 4 players racing and 4 computer players racing with them in the same race. Fucking nintendo bastards.....

whoops! Wrong topic.... The "What are you mad at?" topic is thataway ----->



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I go for a style of game, as I do for a style of movies. Like in movies I do very much like Tim Burtons style and the feel of Dark Castles horror remakes. It isn't so much the genres that they do, rather the style and feel of the movies they make. Same for videogames, I like Nintendos quality of gaming, Squares ratchet for an immersive story and sensual experience and Rares old gaming quality (and current quality, from the sounds of how awesome PDZ is). Does that mean I like platformers, rpgs and first person shooters? It can mean that, but I choose to believe that I like a certain style of games, and these game makers have chosen to represent these styles in mostly platform titles, rpgs and just generally fun games.

I can't wait until the day videogames are represented just as much as by the director or lead artist of the title, as they are by the genre they fit in.


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I like nearly every genre of games. The only type I don't really like is sports, though some of them I do like. My favorite would have to be Third-person shooter. I'm not too sure about every other genre, but I know TPS is my favorite.