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PlayStation 2 Favorite games for the PS2?


Registered Member
for this, just put as many games as you want.

my favorite games are of course the Jak & Dax games, Kingdom Hearts 1and2(can't wait for the 3rd! :D ), Ratchet & Clank games, many Star Wars games(mostly Battlefront 2), and the Sly Cooper series. :nod:


Registered Member
all those are really great games. Personally, I loved Final Fantasy X. X-2 was pretty good as well, but damn is it hard to get 100%! it should be a law that you have to play shadow of the colossus, and of course, the GTAs can't go without mention. prince of Persia: sandas of time was pretty good, too, and if you haven't gone out and bought KH 1 & 2, do so now


New Member
Yeah i like FF series too (i have one more thing to do in ffX-2 and that is geting mascot dresssphere damn is soooooooo hard:sick: )San Andreas i cool and offcourse Silent Hill series i just LOVE that game the story line is freaking cool:rolleyes:


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Ridge Racer 5. If I find that for my PSP... I'm set for life. For now Juiced keep me rolling. ;)


New Member
I have too many to remember and too many that I like... But the all time PS2 greatest...

Phantom Brave!!!


New Member
Shadow hearts series is well gud :)
i also like the final fantasy series a lot too i know almost everything there is to know about it:nod:


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Guitar Hero, and probably ESPN NFL 2K5. Great games.