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PlayStation 3 Favorite game so far?


New Member
What's everyone's favorite PS3 game so far? Mine is Resistance: Fall of Man of course.


Registered Member
I don't have a ps3 but I have played it at my friends house and Resistance:Fall Of Man is a pretty awesome game.


Registered Member
The only good game from PS3 is Resistance:Fall of Man. Other than that, there isn't much to play and as a result, no one buy their consoles. The only game I'm realyl interested in is Metal Gear Solid 4 that's coming soon.


New Member
assassins creed is the best game i have for the ps3. Pretty fun game, though can get repetitive


Well-Known Member
I know that this game isn't out yet but it's coming.

Gran Turismo 5 it's the only game that I will ever possibly like for the PS3. Unless of course games that I like on the Wii are released for PS3 but i don't see very many possibilities here.

The Gran Turismo series is the only series for playstation ever that I have ever liked, except back when Crash Bandicoot was popular, haha I remember that game so much.


Son of Liberty
I spend most of my time playing Call of Duty 4, however I will say when Mercenaries 2 comes out....there will be no game to match that one. Best Game Ever.


New Member
ya i mostly play assassins creed and COD 4... but i want to get resistance. and i like uncharted drakes fortune