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TV Favorite Game Show to play along with??


The return shall be legenday!
There's so many or were so many good Game Shows on television, I'm not asking you which one you prefer watching. I'm curious to know which one you like to play along with the most??



Wanna play?
Jeopardy. Ever since I guessed the correct Bronte sister in final jeapordy and not one of the contestants guessed it, it's been my favorite!:nod:

Those little moments of "oh yeah" have a way of sticking with you.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Easily Jeopardy. I love trivia and the great thing about Jeopardy that makes it so much better than other trivia shows is that it moves along at a good pace. They don't spend more than 10 seconds on a question. On other trivia shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire the contestants take several minutes to answer questions and it gets boring.


Jeopardy as well. Fun getting answers that none of the contestants can. Haha.

I'd say second is Deal or No Deal. Trying to guess what case has the million and what the contestant's case has in it.


A Darker Knight
I think the new Who Wants to be a Millionaire shows have a time limit. Is that even on anymore? :lol: Anyways, I just remember them having a time limit in some version of the show.

I like trivia too. Millionaire used to be a favorite. The million dollar question was what animal represented the Y2K mascot or something like that. I knew it was moth, but the dude took forever. And this was pre-2000. :D

I also like Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader even though basically every person on the show is annoying: Foxworthy, the contestants, the kids, the stupid line they have to say at the end. :-/ But I like it because it covers a wide range of topics and isn't too difficult.

Also Family Feud was fun to guess at.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I always liked to play along with Who Wants to be a Millionaire as well. It's fun to see how you would have done if you were actually playing.


yellow 4!
I love catchphrase and anything quizzy. I don't watch game shows any more but at home the one I saw most was probably Eggheads, cause it was on at a convenient time. I like trying to answer the Qs.

As a side note; I loathe deal or no deal. It annoys the hell outta me.


Boom Boom Pow!
Catchphrase was also a favourite of mine, so was wheel of fortune. i enjoy egg heads too haha!

I watch university challenge and try to answer the questions, but to be honest there is no point in my trying because I never get them, they are always too hard. I think I've got one question from university challenge correct in my whole life haha.

Also, deal or no deal pisses me off too i really hate it.


The return shall be legenday!
I tried to get into Jeapordy but most of the questions are too hard for me lol. I have to pick Family Feud....who doesn't like John Hurley :). I just find the concept very amusing and easy to play along with. Everytime I dont work I catch it twice a day on Peach Tree TV. Sometimes I do amazingly well...like yesterday I guess every answer in the beggining of the show...I could of won 15 000$ ahaha.


Registered Member
Definitely Jeapordy. I only know like a couple of the answers a show though.