Favorite Game Genre


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So whats your favorite type of game RPG? FIrst perosn shooter? Fighting? or any other
Mine is RPG
Mine would be RPG, just for the simple fact that it gives you great time to get to know the characters and the game. Fighting doesn't do that, well, not to me anyways. FPS can do it, but it's FPS...nothing more.

I need some personality in my gaming...that's why ui would rather play MGS than PDZ


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I don't really have a favorite I like RPGs, First person shooters and fighting games.


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1st Fighting games
2nd Action Games
3rd Role Playing Games

Fighting Games are great because they are pretty much pickup and play then you can shut it down and go if you don't have much time.

Action Games are often more strict on when you can save and quit making them good for a mildly busy day.

RPGs are good when you have nothing but time to kill and want a deep and rich story line with characters that are more than just the style and flash of fighting games or action games.

In the end it comes down to how much time I have to sit down and play.


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RPGs and sports games. I love RPGs because of the story and great characters. Sports I love because the take skill and time to master.