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Favorite Football Team?


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Aye, tis a very general question. Id like to know:

1.Favorite football team

2.Why its your favorite

And, to keep this thread going for as long as possible, anyone have any super bowl predictions? Perhaps an opinion on what team did the most this season, and what team did the least?
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Football...-drools-... jk.
I like USC alot, mainly because I have alot of family that went there. And their mascot is awesome :D
ooo...I can just feel those SC insults coming my way...lol


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Heh, it just so happens that, in terms of college football, USC is my favorite. Having lived in Southern California for 6 years, I became accustomed to thier winning ways.

In terms of NFL, I have to go with the Steelers. Yes, I liked them even when Kordell Stewart was QB.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Kordell.. *sigh*

Anyway, Baltimore Ravens.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Ohio State. Started following them when I was little cause I liked their uniforms and almost all their games are on TV here.

USC is gonna be loaded this year (as usual), so you guys should be excited.


what? no pink?
as you could probably tell by my profile pic.

niners of course :D

in case you can't tell, that is a niner cheerleader outfit my daughter is wearing. its funny, at the bottom of that picture it says " you got a problem wit dis?"

a small niner fan in the midst of the seahawk world :cool:

yep I have to raise her right :D
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I never really lived near any NFL teams until recently. I've sort of just picked some teams to follow over the years and ended up with the Rams and the Chiefs. I'm not a huge fan of the NFL though so I don't exactly follow it all the time.


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Niners eh? Should be a good team this year. They were pretty busy in the offseason.

Anyone godly afraid of this years Patriots team?

I am...:(


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Adalius Thomas, Randy Moss, and a random assortment of cheap, good players?

*Runs away crying*