Favorite foods?


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Mine have to be Speghatti that my best meal right there, I also love hot dogs chocolate for sure, I love brownies and angel cake, I also love pizza.


Aww man I'm really hungry now and this is making me even more so...But anyways favorite foods would have to be Sushi, teriyaki chicken, enchiladas, anything with green chili, bread, MUFFINS (I could live off muffins yum) hmm, mash potatoes...well any kind of potatoes, fruit...and pocky.


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I like pasta with plain old marinara sauce. don't know why, just like it.
I also like this one Japanese noddle. I think it's called soba.


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I'm sure I replied to this, but knowing how people don't care about what I have to say I would assume that it was erased. N.e wayZ to answer the question it's on a women.

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It's on a women? I believe you mean woman, and nobody erased any post you had in here, so stop your bitching, every time you post you basically bitch about something. The majority of the people dont care about what you say because it is of to poor quality to read.


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Mine would have to be...

Pizza, Raviolis, Lasagna, almost any time of pasta, lobster, shrimp, steak tips, most types of chicken, veal, my favorite drink is Roy Rogers (For those of you who don't know, Pepsi and grenadine) the best tasting drink ever, and many types of pie...