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Favorite finisher in each company?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
We haven't had a thread like this for a while, and with so many new wrestlers (especially in the WWE) I thought I'd make it again.

In each company that you watch, what is your favorite pro wrestling finishing maneuver?

(If you want, because the WWE has so many new wrestlers, you can list your favorite and your "rookie favorite" as well.)


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I like whatever it is that Dean Ambrose is using in the WWE. Its just very unique for the WWE. Maybe I'm biased for Dean but still, it rules. I'll go with that for now although I still love the RKO.

Is Petey Williams technically in TNA? If so, its always the Canadian Destroyer for me.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
In the WWE, I'd have to go with a tie (cop out alert!) between the Go To Sleep and the RKO. Yeah, both of my favorite wrestlers' finishers haha. The GTS - while used in Japan too - is totally unique to the mainstream U.S. companies otherwise and is just such an impactful move. The RKO, while a classic cutter finisher and not new, is the best incarnation of that move ever done. Orton hits it out of nowhere in so many varieties that it never gets old. Even when you know it's coming, I still think it has that Stunner-like quality of being a move that's totally over.

CM Punk-Go To Sleep On Chris Jericho Payback 2013 HD - YouTube

WWE Royal Rumble - 27 January, 2013 - Randy Orton RKO in the Royal Rumble - YouTube

In Impact Wrestling, I'm going to go with Kazarian's Fade to Black. This reverse Tombstone is just awesome and deadly.

Kazarian Finisher - Fade To Black - YouTube

In ROH, I'd go with my buddy Jay Lethal's move The Lethal Injection...his setup-move, also in this video, is called the Lethal Combination. Great move as well.

ROH Spotlight: Jay Lethal - YouTube