Favorite "Final Fantasy" Summon Creature?


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Mine is definitely Alexander.Ifrit/Efreet being a close second.
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I'm going with Ifrit, because one hes a fire devil and secondly you always get him fairly early on :cool:. It really helps having a OP summon early one till you can actually level your party!


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Ifrit from FFVIII, Odin from FFIV, Bahamut from FFX and Alexander from FFXIII
So close to mine. Change Odin to Eden from FF8 and Alexander to Knights of the Round Table from FF7 and you have my favorites.


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Oh god, I have so many GF's that I love from FFVIII. But....my three favourite are probably Shiva, Quezacotl, and Ifrit.

Ah hell, I love them all.

FF7 Typhon/Chupon

Mainly because he is.., um, friends? with Ultros from Final Fantasy 6. They're both mischievous little devils I enjoy. Cute, too. ^.^;